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Behind the Brushes

Hey you!  My name is Crystal Jennifer - hence the name "CrisJenn!"  I'm a Texas born girl but my parents are from Mexico - the beautiful Guanajuato and Coahuila so yes I'm a proud daughter of immigrants, first gen and very passionate about my Latin culture!  I am fluent in Spanish so you may hear me mixing it up a little with some Spanglish sometimes!  I'm also wifey to my high school sweetheart and millennial mama of 5 - 2 boys and 3 girls - so I live off of dry shampoo, carbs, coffee and margaritas or michis! 

I worked in accounting, management and dipped into the mortgage lending business for several years before finally quitting my full time job in 2019 to pursue my passion and start my own business full time.  It was the best decision I ever made.  It's hard as hell and I probably work more than I used to but I would never go back!  I may have had a great consistent salary but missed out on so much with my kids so I'm extremely grateful to God for giving me the courage to follow my passion.

- Your Makeup Artist


I was born in Waco but I grew up in the DFW area and San Antonio.  I have made some of the best friendships working with other creatives in the area and I love it.   I'm so thankful for all the opportunities and the doors that have been opened for me through some amazing people.  I am self-taught but have trained with some of the best in the business- highly influential bridal/celebrity artists makeup artists and I have learned so much!  I have also taken several classes to improve my technique and style.  The learning never ends though and that's why I absolutely love my job!  I'm a Sagittarius so I can get bored easily, if you're a Sag you know what I'm talking about!  

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I love teaching and I'm an open book when it comes to helping others who want to pursue and/or advance in the same career.  I used to be a beginner and at times it was so hard finding someone willing to mentor me so it's important to me to help others.  No, I'm not afraid of competition because my only competition is me, myself and I.  No two people have the same exact style, technique, etc - there's room for everyone to be successful.  I do have a studio located in the heart of Frisco, TX, about 20-30 minutes from downtown Dallas.  If you've never been, I highly recommend it!  It's a beautiful city and home of the The Star, come check it out sometime!


If you've gotten this far, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better!  I look forward to meeting you and bringing out your inner Beyonce!  Let's connect and follow me on Insta & TikTok where I'm most active and where you still see my most recent work.  See you soon!


- Bridal Makeup

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- Photoshoot Glam / Headshot Glam

- Special Event Glam

- Boudoir Hair & Makeup

- One on One Classes
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